Clifford Holliday, Architect

The architect Clifford Holliday was very influential in the early British Mandate years (1917-1948), particularly through the 1930 Masterplan which shaped the development of the City Centre, and in some of the specific building he was involved with; civic buildings such as the Jerusalem City Hall; the renovation and extension of the original St. John’s Ophthalmic Hospital; and St. Andrews, the Scottish Churches Memorial.

This photograph of Clifford Holliday comes from the personal collection of Susan Holliday.

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1 Response to Clifford Holliday, Architect

  1. noah says:

    Hi, I am researching Holliday’s plan for Jerusalem and other plans of his in Palsetine and throughout the British Empire . I am desparately seeking any information about the planner and his plans, including plans, personal archive etc. Could anyone help?

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